A multi-disciplinary team at your service

Kap-Code is a spin-off start-up company of Kappa Santé, a clinical research organisation company that has been involved in real-life studies and pharmacoepidemiology from day one.

Connected devices, big data, and digital health are changing the health sector and its stakeholders for the long term.


Kap-Code has firmly placed itself in the centre of this digital shift.


Kap-Code offers solutions in the fields of chronic disease and health signal monitoring via social media; the company also stands ready to help you complete your digital projects.

The head team

Dr Stéphane Schück

Dr Stéphane Schück is a public health doctor with a degree in both public health and clinical pharmacology. A former medicines agency expert, he founded and now co-directs Kap-Code, which currently employs around a dozen staff. Dr Schück is an expert member of the Cap Digital knowledge commission. He coordinates the PRESIDIO project as well as all issues related to big data and mental health.

Dr Nathalie Texier

Dr Nathalie Texier is Vice President of Kap-Code. As Managing Director and Director of Operations, she coordinates all projects, which involves managing resources, guaranteeing the cost of project operations, ensuring project documents comply with legislative and regulatory requirements, and making sure contracts and specifications are correctly followed.

History of Detec’t

The DETEC’T programme was created and designed by the epidemiologist and former medicines agency expert Dr Stéphane Schück; Nathalie Texier, a pharmacist and former pharmacovigilance agent for the pharmaceutical industry; and Kap-Code’s innovation team. A prototype was created in 2012 with help from the Ile-de-France region.

Our vision

Digital health is profoundly changing medical practices and placing patients back in the centre of the healthcare system. Social networks represent a vast source of information that can improve health product surveillance when it is used to monitor public health.

Our technologies

Our technologies are the product of automatic language processing, mathematics, machine learning, and IT technology and are subject to rigorous scientific evaluation and confirmation testing.